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We sell unique and beautiful conchos. We are constantly getting new conchos in stock, so be sure to watch here to get the latest concho designs! Follow us on Facebook to see the new designs before anyone else does!


What are conchos?


Conchos are decorative disks, made of various materials and colors including brass and silver. The word Concho comes from the Spanish word for ‘shell’ because they often look like a round shell. Conchos can be stamped with a design, or inlaid with stones. They were originally used as silver decorations on saddles, guns, and cowboy chaps.

Tritex Conchos is located in the great state of Texas, which has a long history of cowboys and conchos! Many of our concho designs reflect the Lone Star State’s heritage.


Conchos Today


Today, conchos can be used for anything your imagination can dream up. They can be worn as jewelry, or attached to purses, belts, flip flops and other shoes, and jeans and clothing. They can be used for all sorts of crafts projects. Conchos are artistic and expressive. Take a look through the Tritex concho site and buy conchos for yourself and as great gifts!


Concho Craft Ideas


  • Use conchos as decorations on a tote bag
  • Attach conchos directly into a big candle as a unique gift item
  • String conchos together to make a beautiful and creative bracelet


Concho Styles


Look through our Concho styles, and you’ll see Conchos with Crosses, Biker Conchos, Christian-themed Conchos, Fraternal Conchos, Heart Conchos, Bling Conchos, Cruisin’ Conchos, Cowboy Conchos, Cowgirl Conchos, Maltese Cross conchos, Longhorn Conchos, Barrel Racer Conchos,Rhinestone Conchos, Swarovski Conchos, Texas Conchos, Berry Conchos, Coin Conchos, Rope Edge Conchos, Slotted Conchos, Star Conchos, and many, many more. We have too many styles to list!